I’ve been a student for the last couple of years and have moved apartments quite a bit. As a consequence, I’ve never had a place of my own that reflected my personal style or taste, or collected items that truly meant something to me. As I neared graduation and secured my first “adult” job, I reached out to Hannah to see if she could create something special for my first piece. Working with her exceeded my expectations completely. I thought I would show examples of what I wanted and wouldn’t hear back until the piece was finished. Just in our initial conversations, it was so clear to me that Hannah wanted to not only understand what I wanted aesthetically for my piece, but what I wanted it to represent. She continuously checked in with me to ensure the piece reflected exactly what I wanted, and her enthusiasm throughout the process was contagious. Being a part of her creative process ended up making the finished product far more meaningful to me than I could ever have imagined. Instead of just being a beautiful focal point for my first “adult” apartment, this piece symbolizes a huge transition in my life that fills me with pride. Hannah’s artistic talent is obvious in the amazing pieces she creates – but her true talent lies in her incredible sense of empathy and the passion she feels for each and every piece she creates for her clients.

Nina 2017

Hannah Leadley