I grew up in Southern California and attended college at Azusa Pacific University, where I met my husband on a backpacking trip through Yosemite. We fell in love while on an adventure in nature, and that narrative has contributed to my creative process and how I see the world.

My travels from Ecuador, Portland, Yosemite, and LA have impacted how I create, but Chicago has inspired me the most thus far in my creative and personal life. We fell in love with this city’s hospitality and creative culture, and moved here in 2016. Since living in Chicago I have had many opportunities to explore my artistic passions, and I feel most alive when I am producing works to create beautiful spaces for friends and strangers alike.

I am inspired by water, and the adaptable energy it brings to life. Finding and fabricating the delicate balance of fluidity and structure is the focus of my work. Having lived in cities that share space with great bodies of water, I see vast beauty in merging the natural and man made world. Throughout creating I discovered that I have synthesthesia, which means that my brain processes  experiences, emotions, and numbers through texture and color. This used to make me feel isolated but now I see it as a gift! Many of my paintings allow me to outwardly processes situations or even put a picture that matches what someone is hoping for.  I believe in the power of joining art and nature, and hold the honor to create paintings for my clients as a gift.

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