Drop It Modern

My relationship with 'Drop It Modern' began June 2017, since then Bree, owner of DIM, and I have loved working with each other! We were connected before I even called myself an artist, had a website, or any professional pictures of my paintings. I sent over my iPhone pictures to Bree and expected to be kindly shut down, but she looked at my phone pictures and she took a chance on me. She chooses to work with artists that she feels connected to and at the time she was starting a designer series. I was only the second artist she was working with, now their are five amazing artists! I was so intimidated to have my work out in the real world but the 'Drop It Modern' team never made me feel that I was unqualified. 

Bree is not only crazy talented but is also  amazing at collaborating in a way that allows the artist to be true to their style. The process of creating these fabrics, wallpapers, and drapes begins with a brain storm. We take the time to talk through different ideas, color schemes, and feel. From there I begin painting, usually 2 paintings, and I get it scanned over. Bree creates multiple designs from these paintings, it is incredible to see how she enhances my art. 

Being able to collaborate with other artists allows me to stretch and grow as a painter, I am sparked with new ideas and I love being able to brainstorm with someone else.  As my career as an artist has progressed I feel so thankful for the collaboration and feel blessed to now have 20 prints and counting out! Check out the magic of 'Drop It Modern' below!





Azteca Blossom